Metal Prices

scrap metal prices springfield ma

Chet’s strives you offer you the highest price possible for your scrap metal. The price of scrap tends to .fluctuate a bit so check out our pricing chart below or call us to get the latest and most competitive prices we offer for scrap metal prices springfield ma.

Are you not sure what type of metal you have? That’s ok! We are aware of the fact that for most of you bringing us scrap, this isn’t your day job. If you have never recycled scrap before and need help figuring out exactly what it is that you have, give us a call and explain what you’re looking at to one of our professionals. We have seen and heard almost everything at this point, so rest assured we’ll get you taken care of.

Scrap Metal Prices

Metal Type We Pay
Aluminum Call
Irony Aluminum Call
Aluminum Rims Call
Aluminum Rims-Dirty Call
Copper/Brass Radiators Call
Brass Call
Bare Bright Call
#1 Copper Call
#2 Copper Call
Insulated Copper Wire 30% Call
Insulated Copper Wire 50% Call
Insulated Copper Wire 75% Call
Lead Call
Stainless Call
Electric Motors Call
Batteries Call
Wheel Weights Call
#1 Steel Prep Call
#1 Steel Unprep Call
Cast Iron Call
Light Iron Call
Catalytic Converters Call

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